Follow Me: Using Twitter to Build Talent Tribes!


Use Twitter to Create an on-going passive talent network that is specific to you hard to fill jobs! 

  • Create a Twitter Account that will make a name for yourself with your chosen candidate community.
  • Get ahead of the competition by adding value rather than spamming out Job Openings.
  • Become someone in your niche that Hiring Managers and potential candidates must follow on Twitter.
  • Stay “Top of Mind” with candidates that aren’t ready to make a move yet.



  • 48 minutes of instructor lead video and screen sharing lessons from a 15+ sourcing and recruiting veteran. Each module starts off with a short introduction and if necessary let you watch as your instructor actually shows you how it’s done. The only way for you to truly learn something new is to actually try it. That’s why each module has a short and simple assignment for you to complete before the next module. 
  • Downloadable workbook + Simple lessons
  • How to use Twitter to for Events & Conferences. After this course, you’ll ask yourself if ever need to actually attend a conference in person again.
  • Tips and Tricks: Best tools to use for Twitter. No other social platform has more third party tools than Twitter. I will share the one tool you need to use and show you how recruiters like me use it to shave off hours a week.
  • New for 2016! Access to a private Facebook Group created just for this course. If you have questions during or after your training just head over to the FB group and ask.


The content is this course will change the way you use social media and Twitter forever! You will not find the material covered in this course for recruiters anywhere else!


A Little More about the Creator and Instructor of this Course - Larry Hernandez 

Earning his stripes at USAA, Zappo’s, Rackspace and in his new role at Thoughtworks, Larry Hernandez is a guy you want to know! With over 10,000 followers on Linkedin, Hernandez beats a different drum – a social drum about connectivity, culture, respect, and inclusion. He is respected among his peers and continues to refine and adopt cutting edge ideas and practices that make him a leader in the sourcing/ recruiting community. 







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