Twitter 101 for Recruiters

With over 320 million active users a month and an average of 6,000 tweets a second, Twitter is by far the most intimidating social platform for recruiters and HR professionals to learn and master.
This course will take you step-by-step through all of the basics. Follow fellow recruiter and instructor, Larry Hernandez, as he walk and talks you through every step of the process while teaching you from his experience.

Requirements for this course:
All you need is an email address to create a new twitter account, reliable internet to watch the videos, and a commitment to follow along and do the simple exercises.

What do I get from the course?

  • 9 Modules with 57 minutes of content!
  • Follow your instructor and fellow recruiter step-by-step as he walks and talks your through setting up your twitters account and much much more.
  • Downloadable module overviews and cheat sheets
  • Why Recruiters should use Twitter
  • How to setup a twitter account
  • Learn the unique language and style that has made twitter so famous
  • Customize your twitter account
  • How to navigate the basic features and functions inside Twitter
  • Follow along and complete the exercises and you will be tweeting by the end of this course!
What this course is NOT:
  • This is not a “How to find candidates on Twitter. That is a follow up course.
  • This course does not go over 3rd party tools and software.
  • Twitter 101 is just that - a great place for newbies to get setup and comfortable using twitter.
Who is this course for?
  • This course is for recruiters who have zero experience using Twitter.
  • This course may be valuable to recruiters with a profile but aren’t sure where to go from there.

Twitter 101 for Recruiters

9 Modules with 57 minutes of training

$19.99 USD